Meditation: The what, why and how

Why do we meditate? When plagued by a traumatic event, acid floods into your digestive system to halt digestion. You need all hands on deck to fight or flee a predator. Acid also coats your skin to make you taste bad if you’re bitten in to. Your blood thickens and coagulates so if you are bitten, you don’t bleed out. Vision zeros in so you’re not distracted by external stimuli, just focused on the predator. Bladder and bowels evacuate. Adrenalin and cortisol levels sky rocket. By continuously dumping acid into your body, your body is no longer able to do things like properly digest your food, make babies (infertility), or practice making babies (impotence). Other side effects include premature aging and atrophy of the brain. Immune system breaks down because who cares if you will get cancer if you’re bitten by this predator?!

Did you know that meditating for just three minutes a day you can reverse your brain’s aging by eight years? The World Health Organization has cited that 90% of all doctors’ visits last year were stress related. Meditation thickens your corpus collosum which is the structure between the left and right hemisphere of your brain (critical and creative thinking). Ever need a creative solution at work? Every need a quick, witty come back when arguing with our spouse/partner? This is where that comes from! Meditation has also been proven to reduce your pain receptors by 44%. More effective than morphine!

You may have heard or mindfulness or mindful meditation, but what is the difference between these two words? No they don’t mean the same thing. Mindfulness is the act of bringing your awareness into the present moment; a “waking state” practice. It’s a strong tool and what you would reach for if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to calm yourself down; Small, easily digestible techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime. Meditation is the art of stepping away; heal deeper and past trauma. It helps to heal the past as well as prepare you for the future.

I’ve attached a mindfulness activity, but you’ll have to subscribe to my website or join me in studio for meditation :) See you there!

MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY: Close your eyes and find a comfortable seated position, one that preferably supports your back but let’s your neck and head be free. Take a few deep, belly breaths, then bring your awareness to just your sense of smell. Focus on everything you smell. Then slowly, one by one, bring attention separately to each sense. Then combine all those senses and take everything in simultaneously. When you’re ready to come out, bring your awareness back to your body and open your eyes.


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