Supporting Your Spiritual Practice

It can be difficult to dedicate time to your spiritual practice especially during these trying times, but NEWSFLASH: This is when it is the most important! With families working from home, many of whom now have their children to take care of full time, the priority of your spiritual practice can fall by the wayside.

Here is a list of tips that I've found useful:

  1. Set a timer. Give yourself a set amount of time to dedicate to yourself and set a timer. Setting a timer gives you a window of controlled freedom. Regardless of the length of time, this time is yours and yours alone. You will NOT to household chores or errands. It's time to sit and meditate, listen to music, take a bath, etc.

  2. Schedule time every day. Not every second day. Every day. This is your non-negotiable time.

  3. Dedicate a space. It doesn't need to be a perfect silent meditation room with muted colours and free of distractions. In psychology they talk about conditioning stimulus for a desired response. For example, conditioning a neutral stimulus (your bed) to become associated with a stimulus (sleep/making love) that naturally produces a behaviour (greater sleep/intimate time). Using this idea of programming a space, choose somewhere to dedicate to meditation. By doing this you condition the space to your intention and then become more successful.

  4. Stop making excuses. It's too hard or I don't have time just don't cut it anymore. You don't have five minutes to sit and listen to a guided meditation? Really... how long did it take you to poop this morning? Brush your teeth? Check emails or Facebook? Indeed.

The mental health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration making you more productive! Not only will meditation make you feel better, but you'll be more productive when you return to your never ending to-do list. Meditation also lowers levels of stress and anxiety. Why wouldn't you set aside time to make yourself feel better?!


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