Teas and Wellness

I am a relative newbie to brewing my tea but it's something I enjoy and now consider a hobby. I (a bit guiltily) feel joy when my husband announces that he feels a cold coming on, because it gives me the opportunity to play! I enjoy researching herbal remedies for things but also the opportunity to feel a bit "witchy" when I dig through my cupboards of labeled herbs to mix my own tea to brew. Some of my go-to's include:

Rose hip Tea. Tea made from rose hips has anti-inflammatory properties. It has been known to boost immunity, support heart health and aid in digestion. Rose hips are rich in antioxidants and when steeped in a bath or made into a poultice can aid in soothing joints and muscles.

Tea made from comfrey leaves can be used to soothe upset stomachs, provide relief from heavy menstrual periods, diarrhea, sore throat, and gum disease. You can also add to boiling water and breathe in the steam to help fight off persistent coughs, bronchitis, and a sore throat.

Brewed mullein leaves helps with coughs, colds, sore throat, chest colds and kidney infections. Inhaling vapors aids in reducing chest infections, anxiety and insomnia. You can also use it on your skin as a poultice for cuts, burns and to soothe the skin.

I'm sharing this information not as someone who wants you to go full hippie and stop using painkillers when in severe pain, I simply want to share options and and add to your personal tool box and wellness. These are items that you can sometimes find in the great outdoors and dry yourself or easily purchase online or at your local health food store.

Here's my beloved Witchy Cold-fighting Tea Recipe

1tbsp Chamomile

1tbsp Rosehips

1tbsp Elderberry leaves

1 small piece of cinnamon park (or just add a sprinkle)

Add to boiled water and steep for 10 minutes. Add a squirt of lemon juice, a dash of turmeric and honey to taste. This can be sipped throughout the day or just before bed. I will serve it warm before bed or sip it cooled throughout the day. My children love it if I'm generous with the honey!



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